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How to Make Furniture Shipping Affordable
How to Make Furniture Shipping Affordable

Whether you are a furniture manufacturer or just moving pieces of furniture across the country, shipping is as challenging as you make it to be. A DIY-move can be burdensome and expensive, and many manufacturers turn to professional shipping services. A major concern when choosing a shipping partner is how much does it cost to ship furniture, and that’s why shippers seek affordable, reliable shipping platforms to move their furniture in an affordable way.

How to make furniture shipping affordable

Defining the cost of shipping furniture can be tricky since it depends on every particular piece and other factors that go into account. First off, to get the most realistic and reasonable price, you have to provide correct information. Accurately measuring your piece of furniture and providing other necessary information is a basis for getting an accurate price estimate. Another way to get lower shipping rates is to properly pack your shipment and make your shipment easier to stack. Proper packaging, or even palletizing, will let you avoid accessorial charges. For furniture manufacturers and retailers, it’s beneficial to consolidate their orders according to different locations and take advantage of full truckload shipping. Having warehouse facilities across various regions is also a part of a good strategy to make your furniture transportation more cost-efficient. Even if you are a small business, you can still try consolidation. The destination and mileage affect the shipping cost as well. Certainly, if you want to ship items to another part of the country, it will be more expensive than moving an item to a neighboring state. Ultimately, it’s complicated to define how much furniture shipping costs on average. It all depends on your volume, the type of furniture, destination, season, etc.

Getting a reasonable furniture shipping price

There are different shipping platforms that can move your furniture for a fair price. These shipping services provide you shipping quotes with approximate prices based on shipment dimensions and weight. There is a fast and easy way to get realistic freight rates with shipping platforms like We provide a free online shipping estimate. All you have to do is fill in the basic information, and voila - compare the rates from available carriers! Get a quote right now!