How To Get an Instant Freight Quote

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How To Get an Instant Freight Quote
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Shipping doesn’t have to be complicated! With an instant freight quote, shippers can send out their deliveries ASAP. 

There’s no need to call and email multiple carriers and brokers to ask for quotes. Eliminate the need for tiresome back and forth negotiations just to get a reasonable rate.

In this guide, learn how freight marketplaces help individual shippers and small businesses can benefit from’s instant freight calculator. We’ll take you step-by-step on how to get a quote and book a freight carrier in just a few clicks.

What is a freight quote?

A freight quote is an estimate of shipping costs based on the information you provide, including:

  • Pickup and delivery location
  • Date
  • Load type
  • Commodity class
  • Urgency of the shipment

Freight quotes serve as an agreement between carrier/broker and shipper that the cost of service will be maintained at that price as much as possible. Reliable freight partners provide accurate and instant bookable rates where initial freight quotes match the final invoice.

Freight quotes are available for various shipping services and commodities, including full truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), international, large items, small businesses, and specialty.

Benefits of shipping with a freight marketplace like

At, we strive to provide efficient, hassle-free, and custom shipping solutions for your individual and business needs. 

By choosing, get access to a free instant freight calculator that gives accurate and reasonable rates from our trusted partners. We work with all major LTL carriers and over 50k FTL carriers.

Our self-service platform is available 24/7 for instant shipping quotes, booking, shipment tracking, and support.

Read on to the next section to find a step-by-step guide on how to make shipping simple, affordable, and convenient with the instant freight calculator.

How do you get an Instant Freight Quote with

Step 1: Signing up for an account.

To get an instant quote with our convenient calculator, you’ll need to Create an Account so we can send you a list of freight carriers that match your specific shipping needs.

Provide this basic information to get started:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Password

Click Create Account, and you’ll be redirected to your new profile!

Step 2: Filling in your freight details.

For Step 2, you’ll need to provide us with your freight details, so we can narrow down your list of prospective freight carriers.

To do this, click the Request Quote button –– you should find it in the upper left corner of your account dashboard. Otherwise, you can visit this link to request a quote.

You’ll be taken to a new page where you can fill out all the details that will help us match you with the best freight service provider:

  1. Load Type: Choose either Less than Truckload or Full Truckload.
  2. Pickup Location: In this section, provide the details for pickup:
  • Pickup Zip Code
  • PickUp Date
  • Location Type
  1. Delivery Location: You will then be asked to provide the delivery location details:
  • Pickup Zip Code
  • PickUp Date
  1. Package Type & Size: For the last section, provide the complete package details that will help us give you an accurate quotation:
  • Quantity (limit of 6)
  • Package Type
  • Dimensions
  • Weight Per Package
  • Class: Stackable or Hazardous

Note: If you’re shipping more than one type of package OR more than 6 packages, click the Add Item button and fill out the details.

Finally, click the Get Rates button to redirect to the Quote Results page.

Step 3: Choosing from the quote results.

The Quote Results page may take a few moments to load, but once we make our calculations, you’ll find a list of the best freight carriers based on your location and freight details.

We provide these details for each service on our list:

  • Transit Time
  • Estimated Delivery date
  • Price Quote

These details should help you compare the different services so that you can choose the best carrier service that will address your individual or business needs.

You will also find that we provide a good range of price quotes to help you find a balance between affordability and service.

Step 4: Booking the freight carrier.

Now that you’ve decided on a freight carrier to work with, all that’s left to do is to book their service!

To book the freight carrier, you’ll need to provide these additional booking details:

  1. Pickup Details

    • First and Last Name of the Pickup Contact Person
    • Contact person number and email
    • Name and address of the pickup location
    • Pickup Start Time and End Time
    • Special Pickup Instructions
  2. Delivery Details

    • First and Last Name of the Delivery Contact Person
    • Contact person number and Email
    • Name and Address of the location
    • Delivery Start Time and End Time
    • Special Delivery Instructions
  3. Package Description

  • Detailed Description
  • Value
  • Condition of each item

Click on Go To Payment to redirect to the Billing Page.

Step 5: Paying the final bill

There are three sections to the billing page:

  1. Insurance

Before providing your payment details, you will be given the option to buy All-Risk Freight Insurance if you want to get protection against possible damage or loss of your freight. 

If you avail of the insurance, you will then be asked to provide the Estimated Value of the shipment. Click Calculate and a popup window will appear for Shippers Marine Insurance Policy. Click Agree after reading the document –– you will get up to $500,000 coverage per shipment.

  1. Promo Code

If you have a promo code, type it in and click Apply.

Then, click Submit Payment.

  1. Payment Details

For the last section, choose your payment method.

Click Pay with Card, then Add A Card. You will be asked to provide these details

  • Card Number
  • Month and Year of Expiry
  • CVC
  • Billing Address

After clicking Next, complete the transaction and place your order!

FAQ: Instant Freight Quotes LTL shipping for Small Businesses

Why is shipping so expensive for small businesses?

Shipping can be expensive for many small businesses because they don’t have enough resources to find affordable carriers. Without the experience and connections to cost-effectively ship products, small businesses settle with parcel shipping, which can be more expensive.

How can my small business save on shipping costs? 

Do your business a favor by making informed decisions about your shipping strategy.

By using instant calculators from trusted online freight marketplaces like, you can take advantage of new technologies that give you accurate and guaranteed booking rates from top shipping carriers.