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How to Avoid Unwanted Freight Shipping Costs
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It is easy to make mistakes whenever you are organizing a shipment, especially if you are new to the shipping industry. New shippers can often get confused on freight classification, weight, dimensions, and shipment details that could result in additional charges on the shipment.

Nobody wants to deal with unwanted shipping charges on their shipment, and wants to help our customers avoid unwanted shipping charges from happening to them.  

Shipping can be one of the most time-consuming but necessary part of a company’s day. Here are 3 easy ways for companies to avoid unwanted shipping costs:  

Be Accurate with Pick Up and Delivery Locations

  It is important to understand what your shipment requires for shipment before finalizing the plans for that shipment. Does it require a liftgate? Can a truck easily fit in front of your business or home? These are important questions to ask yourself to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. Be accurate whenever you are scheduling a shipment to make it easier for you, the carrier and your LTL provider.  

Use the Correct Measurements and Weight

  This is where most shipping charges occur. Shippers should always use accurate length, width, height and weight measurements for their shipments. If you are not accurate on the weight or dimensions of your shipment, you may end up paying way more than anticipated. If your shipment is on a pallet, you must take the pallet itself into consideration when measuring and weighing your shipment. For help on how to best measure your shipment, visit our LTL Freight Shipping Guide.  

Include All Necessary Details for the Shipment

  If your shipment requires special attention or services to complete the shipment, it is important to note that in the quote so that everyone handling the shipment is aware and can plan accordingly. Special services can range from residential delivery/pick up, specific pick up or delivery time, hazardous goods, lift gate required and many more.

These services often require additional costs, if provided by your LTL shipping provider, and should be included in your shipment information from the very beginning.   We hope that these helpful tips can help reduce the chance of unwanted fees from happening to you. is an easy to use, convenient shipping platform that allows you to book your shipment online throughout portal. Get a quote today!