Shipping Furniture 

Whether you are moving cross country, planning an office relocation, or just selling a piece of furniture, shipping furniture can be challenging. That’s why shippers seek affordable yet reliable furniture shipping services. A major concern when choosing a shipping partner is how much does it cost to ship furniture.  

How to ship furniture across the country 

There are various ways of shipping furniture across the country, and all of them differ in price, time, and effort needed. Depending on the size and type of your goods, you can ship them via regular parcel service, or maybe you’ve considered moving them on your own. However, parcel shipping services often offer expensive rates for shipping oversized items, and managing do-it-yourself transportation can be a long burdensome process.  

Chances are, you will need the help of a professional shipping service to help you transport your furniture in the most cost-efficient way.  

What is the best way to ship freight furniture? 

LTL freight furniture shipping  

Online services like GoShip.com use partnerships with various less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) carriers. The LTL method means that your furniture is moved like freight, in a truck, but doesn’t take up all of the space in the truck. The main point of LTL shipping is that multiple shipments are combined in one truckload, and the whole transportation cost is split between all the shippers. This lets you save money and time while being sure your shipment will arrive at the proper destination. This option is best suited for one-time or small business shippers. However, if you have a lot of furniture to move or need regular shipping services, full truckload shipping might be an option, too.  

FTL freight furniture shipping 

Full truckload shipping can be a great transportation option if it is carefully planned. The best strategy for retailers is to consolidate their orders according to different regions and take advantage of full truckload shipping. For large manufacturers or retailers, it is beneficial to have warehouse facilities in the areas where you ship the most. However, you can still use if you are a small business or planning a one-time shipment to save on overall costs.  

Packing furniture for transport 

Whether you choose FTL or LTL carriers to transport your furniture, it is important to consider how you will package your shipment items. Freight shipping companies often require specific packaging from furniture distributors, so it is better to have appropriate packaging materials if you want to have a large pool of freight carriers to work with. Again, planning is key here: packing in advance should be a critical part of your order fulfillment strategy.  

How much does it cost to ship furniture?  

Furniture shipping costs rely on many factors. Furniture type, your carrier, destination, weight, and dimensions play a crucial role in defining the accurate price. Obviously, if you want to send items to the neighboring state, it will cost less than moving from coast to coast. It’s also important to accurately provide your address and destination address because sometimes the location you’re shipping from can be considered as limited access. 

To get the most realistic and accurate quote, you have to provide correct and thorough information. Another way to get lower shipping rates is to make your shipment easier to stack. Proper packaging, or even palletizing will let you avoid accessorial charges.  

Shipping Furniture with GoShip 

There is a fast and easy way to get realistic freight rates with shipping services like GoShip.com. We provide a free online shipping estimate: all you have to do is fill in the basic information, and compare the rates from available carriers!