Retail Logistics

E-commerce drives the rapid development of the retail industry with more and more competitors appearing in the market. Retail companies strive to provide high-end customer service, quality products, and increase their revenue. 

Transportation plays a major role in the retail business flow of goodsGoShip can supply you with all the necessary capacity and service to meet your customer demands and ship your goods to the stores and retail facilities. We understand how a smooth retail logistics and supply chain, on-time delivery, and freight safety are critical to your business. 

Benefits of LTL shipping for retail logistics

In LTL shipping or less-than-truckload shipping, carriers consolidate multiple shipments from different companies onto the same truck. This allows businesses to transport their goods affordably and quickly, even when they don’t have enough freight to fill an entire trailer. LTL shipping gives customers the convenience of having automatic tracking alerts as an advantage for their retail logistics needs. By working with these carriers, retailers can take advantage of benefits such as:  

  • Reduced costs: Because trailers are filled with multiple loads, each retailer only pays for the capacity it actually uses. This means participating companies don’t pay for the space they don’t use
  • Compliance: By working with an experienced LTL carrier, retailers can prevent penalties that stem from noncompliance with state and federal regulations. They can rest assured that all elements of their shipments will be handled in the proper fashion.
  • Consistency: Utilizing LTL delivery for order fulfillment means businesses will hit their delivery windows more consistently. Retailers and distributors will enjoy having the goods arrive at their stores and facilities within the timeframe specified.  

Benefits of full truckload shipping for retail logistics

Full truckload freight shipping is the most common way of shipping freight over the road. If you have enough freight to fill a 48 ft truck trailer, full truckload shipping can be a beneficial option for your business. Here are a few comprehensive benefits of truckload shipping for retail logistics: 

  • Faster transit times. Since truckload trucks are dedicated to just your freight, it likely that FTL loads will reach the destination faster than LTL ones. There are no transit stops in truckload shipping, which also makes it faster. 
  • Reliability. No stops during transit lead to less freight handling, which reduces the risk of freight damage, theft, or loss. Even though it is more reliable, we still recommend purchasing freight insurance for FTL shipments.
  • Reduced costs. Although full truckload shipping is usually more expensive, if you have large volumes of freight and ship frequently, in the long run, it may be more cost-efficient than using other shipping modes.  

Retail Shipping Rates with GoShip

The best way to calculate retail shipping costs is to fill in shipment information and compare quotes. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time.