Construction logistics is a complex process with a lot of planning and organization involved. It can be hard to arrange moving construction equipment without a reliable shipping partner. Transporting specific types of freight like building and construction need expertise, precision, and visibility.  

What is construction logistics? 

Construction logistics is the process of transporting goods that typically include oversized construction equipment, machinery parts, steel items, or manufacturing equipment. Moving materials and equipment to remote construction sites is a challenging task. Here is where GoShip’s carrier network and competitive rates step into the game. 

Key construction logistics challenges 

Shipping delays 

During the extreme shipping delays, retailers were pressured by customers, and manufacturers were pressured by retailers and their direct customers. Ultimately, these businesses were at some moment having a tougher time than any other link in the supply chains.  

Transportation costs 

Often manufacturing businesses struggle to fit their budget and try to cut costs where possible, saving on shipping. However, transportation is an extremely important part. From delivery deadlines to freight safety, many factors ultimately depend on the quality of your shipping provider.  


In the current environment, it is even more crucial to secure capacity, have a diverse network of carriers, and get competitive freight rates. Proper packaging and your choice of shipping partner will have a visible impact on your business and costs.  

Construction Logistics Services  

We can help with competitive rates, more efficient processes, and optimized operations. The best way to calculate construction logistics costs is to fill in shipment information and compare quotes. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time.