GoShip is a digital shipping platform that helps shippers and small businesses arrange their transportation needs within few clicks. Apart from competitive freight rates and a wide variety of shipping services, we can help you excel with shipping in many industries, including:


Apparel supply chains are complex and usually time-sensitive. Because of the high customer expectations in particularly this field of retail, shipping and logistics play critical roles in customer experience, and, consequently, greatly affect the company’s profit. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time and arrange apparel logistics properly.

Auto Parts Manufacturing

There are a variety of options when it comes to shipping automotive parts. Depending on the size and volume of your shipment, you can benefit from either LTL or FTL. Use our shipping calculator and find the best options to transport your automotive parts!


Preparing electronic items for transit can quickly turn stressful because these fragile and valuable items need extra care and attention when it comes to shipping. Here at GoShip.com, we want to make the shipping process as easy for you as possible. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time and ship electronics properly.   


Like any other industry, healthcare and pharmacy institutions require fast and reliable shipping solutions. For the healthcare industry, government regulation compliance and shipping speed are critical factors. Whether it’s prescription drug delivery or urgent hospital supplies, healthcare transportation, and organization matter.

Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery

Industrial companies face many challenges while striving to increase the efficiency of their shipping strategy. Shipping machinery parts or bulky and large manufacturing equipment requires special handling, high volumes of carrier capacity, and robust transportation management.  GoShip can help you find the best options to ship manufacturing equipment and machinery!


Transportation plays a major role in the retail business flow of goodsGoShip can supply you with all the necessary capacity and service to meet your customer demands and ship your goods to the stores and retail facilities. We understand how a smooth retail logistics and supply chain, on-time delivery, and freight safety are critical to your business.