Valentine’s Day Logistics: How Does It Work?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and retailers are going all-in to prepare for the demand. When you think of February 14, many thoughts and references come to mind. There’s always lots of red, flowers, and sweets, but the complex mechanism of logistics and transportation that lays behind the lovey-dovey things is a concern for quite a few. Retailers and manufacturers do a great job every year to provide us with the cards, gifts, and flowers we give to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day logistics plays a huge role for both retailers and customers.

How does Valentine’s Day logistics work?

Nearly 60% of the U.S. population celebrates Valentine’s  Day, which makes it a huge holiday and a profitable day for retailers. According to the National Retail Federation states, the most popular gifts purchased on Valentine’s Day are sweets (55%), cards (45.9%) and flowers (35.6%).

Three of the top gifts can only be shipped through refrigerated trailers. The demand for temperature-controlled equipment is on the rise. It is extremely important to keep the products in proper conditions and maintain a certain temperature. For example, roses need to be kept at 35 degrees (F) through the entire transit, and upon arrival as well. Both candies and flowers have to remain in excellent condition. The items that are going to be sold as gifts have to be highly attractive not just for the customers, but for receivers as well. The emotional context of these products puts high pressure on the retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

For more specific gifts, delivery time also plays a crucial role in customer experience. Any delayed, cancelled, or in any other way damaged orders brings extra frustration to the customer, and this error will most likely cost you a customer’s loyalty.

Ultimately, getting roses and candies moved to the warehouse facility is not the end of the journey. After this, products go to the retailers’ facilities, from where they are shipped to the local shops or transported directly to the customers. The supply chain of Valentine’s Day gifts is very long and complicated. That’s why having a good shipping service or logistics provider is essential to proper planning and operational execution of such shipments.

At the end of the day, it’s logistics and retail companies that supply us with high-quality gifts for our loved ones on-time. It’s not just the delivery of sweets or flowers, it’s the delivery of a whole experience.

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