The Future of Sustainable Shipping

The shipping industry will be facing many rapid changes in the near future. One change in particular is to be more sustainable. We have already seen efforts by companies to “go green” and will most likely be seeing more companies take on a sustainable approach and make drastic changes to address climate change. New studies on climate change have promoted companies all over the world to take measure for reducing the carbon footprint in the shipping industry.


Right now, the trucking industry is far from the “green” industry that authorities are looking and hoping for. Trucks cover thousands of miles every day, polluting the air with CO2 and using large amounts of fuel and oil to transport shipments from point A to point B. Although these changes may take a while for companies to adapt to, there are a few easy ways that truckers and companies can help make a positive impact on the environment:


How Truck Drivers Can Help the Environment

  • Driving at slower speeds can significantly lower the trucks emissions. If drivers reduced their speed by as little as five miles per hour, they can decrease the risk for accidents and lower their overall fuel consumption.
  • Taking time when starting, stopping and switching speed of their truck can lower fuel consumption by 5 – 10%.
  • Drivers should use truck stop electrification when they are sleeping in their cabins for heating and cooling instead of relying on diesel. This can help reduce diesel emissions and save on fuel costs.


How Companies Can Help the Environment

  • Outsourcing logistics and invoicing services can help save a shipping company resources and save on paperwork.
  • Companies should look to improve fuel technology and efficiency by utilizing alternative fuels, hybrid technology and better route planning.
  • Investing in new technologies can lower operating costs and improve fuel efficiency. New technology for trucks includes computer controlled engines, various radio or heating and cooling innovations and keeping their trucks well maintained.
  • Aerodynamic panels, wide base tires, low viscosity lubricants, exhaust system upgrades, auxiliary power units (APU’s), eco flaps, liquid natural gas powering, speed limitations and electric forklifts are all great equipment for a company to invest in to lower operating costs and make a positive impact on the environment.


Hopefully in the next year or two, we will see more positive changes made by truck drivers and companies to reduce the carbon footprint and help make a positive difference in the shipping industry.

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