How Technology Is Affecting the LTL Shipping Industry

Technology has made an impact on the entire transportation industry and is continuing to change LTL shipping every day. Shippers and carriers have slowly integrated new technology into their processes due to new advancements and regulations that have been implemented. In the future, it is almost guaranteed that technology will be a huge part of the industry and continue to shape the way the shipping process works.

Today, we are going to go over what technology is in the industry right now that is making a big impact on shipping. New technology like the ELD mandate, transportation management systems and real-time shipment tracking are some of the biggest pieces of technology in the LTL industry right now.

ELD Mandate

The ELD mandate is a federal government regulation that specifies that operators of commercial motor vehicles will be required to use electronic logging devices (ELD’s) whenever they are driving. The ELD rule was created to help create a safer work environment for drivers and make it easier and faster to track, manage and share records of duty data. The device allows the driver to automatically record and track their hours of service to comply with new hour regulations. By December of 2019, every truck on the road will be required to have an ELD installed. This is one of the main ways that technology is taking over how trucks operate.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

A TMS is a supply chain management system that can simplify the carrier selection process, track freight and create business reports for companies to use. TMS technology can help businesses focus on what’s important and make their management process much easier.

Real-time Tracking

Many major companies are providing customers with real-time tracking to ensure visibility throughout the entire shipping process. Real-time tracking capabilities are becoming more important as late shipments and unreported delays have ripple effects on an entire supply chain. With e-commerce growing rapidly in today’s world, the demand for new and effective technology is bigger than ever. GPS and handheld devices are safety nets for a smooth shipment process and help make sure that any issues are quickly communicated.

What Does the Future Look Like?

If you or your business are not using one of the above-listed technologies yet, the time has come to consider adopting them into your shipping process. Implementing technology is almost unavoidable today to have a successful shipping process. It will be interesting to see what technology is developed next that will continue to transform the shipping industry.

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