How to Build a Beneficial Shipping Strategy

In today’s society, people expect to get whatever they want, whenever they need it at the price they want. Shippers can benefit from creating a focused shipping strategy to reduce freight costs and increase profitability and efficiency. The importance of shipping strategy When it comes to small businesses, a shipping...

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How Shipping Has Evolved Over the Years

It’s crazy to think about how much the shipping industry has changed over the years. Ordering and shipping packages can be as easy as clicking a few buttons on a website and boom – your package is on its way to the destination. Many years ago, if you wanted to...

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3 Benefits of Shipment Tracking

The shipping industry is constantly being changed by new technology, ranging from the ELD mandate to the idea of autonomous trucks. Technology is almost unavoidable in today’s society and has changed the way people ship. Consumers become more and more conventional to technology, and many businesses focus on staying ahead...

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How Technology Is Affecting the LTL Shipping Industry

Technology has made an impact on the entire transportation industry and is continuing to change LTL shipping every day. Shippers and carriers have slowly integrated new technology into their processes due to new advancements and regulations that have been implemented. In the future, it is almost guaranteed that technology will...

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How Digital Technology is Affecting Freight Shipping

Technology is on continuous advancement and the shipping industry is transforming with it. Modern-day freight shipping companies are now relying on new and more advanced digital technologies to heighten their efficiency.  In such a large industry, there are many challenges, which are difficult to overcome. Change is the solution for...

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