How To File A Freight Claim?

Even if your shipping strategy is perfect, and you are using a good shipping provider, sometimes freight damage is difficult to avoid. There are different reasons why your load may suffer damage upon arrival, like multiple handling, inconvenient packaging, extreme weather, etc. Of course, this might not happen to you,...

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Freight Damage: How to File a Freight Claim

In the diverse and ever-changing world of freight shipping, accidents happen. Freight damage is a pain for any shipper, especially when you discover it after receiving goods. However, the process of receiving a refund can be easy and not as stressful as many can imagine it. Regardless of how good...

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Freight Liability vs. Freight Insurance

No one ever wants to hear that their freight was damaged during the shipping process. Whenever you are shipping, you want to make sure that your shipment is prepared correctly to avoid possible damages during the shipment. When dealing with damages, it is important to know the coverage you might...

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