How To Ship Freight Internationally?

international shipping

It has never been easier to sell and buy things online or ship items internationally. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a small business, you can benefit from the rapid development of cross border e-commerce. Numerous marketplaces made it possible to access customers across the world. For example, shipping to Canada can be a great start for U.S. retailers or businesses.  While it has become easier to expand your audiences and handle transactions from different countries, shipping freight internationally can still be a challenge.

How does international shipping work?

International shipping is moving shipments between different countries via various transportation modes: trucking, ocean, or road. The main complexity of shipping freight internationally is the customs clearance process. It is important to consider all the intricacies of import and export rules and regulations of a certain country, as well as taxes, duties, etc. If you’re shipping parcel, you would typically go to parcel shipping service and just pay for delivery. But if you need to ship a large volume of goods or freight, the process becomes more complicated. Usually, shippers turn to freight forwarding companies or work with a customs broker to arrange their shipment.

Stages of international shipping:

There are five essential parts in the process of shipping freight internationally:

  • Export haulage
  • Export customs clearance
  • Transportation
  • Import customs clearance
  • Import haulage

How to ship freight internationally?


Essentially, you will be working with the customs broker, who will assist you with paperwork. However, it is your responsibility to collect and provide accurate information about your shipment. Weight, dimensions, value, classes, or anything that is needed for transportation and customs clearance must be correct.

Customs broker

Finding an experienced customs broker is probably the most critical step in shipping freight internationally. A good professional will know all the nuances involved in the process and will save you time and money. From collecting required paperwork to actually handling the customs clearance, a customs broker will be your key guide in the global shipping process. Usually, businesses use freight forwarding companies, but some shipping services offer customs brokers on their side to make it easier for the shippers.


Once your shipment has successfully crossed the border, it’s important to make sure it makes it to the final destination. Through shipment tracking, you can monitor how the transportation process is going, and analyze gaps if there are some. Also, let’s not dismiss reverse logistics and returns, which is pretty common in e-commerce business. Think about how your business will respond in case the product will not satisfy or fit your customers.

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