Helpful Tips to Save on Shipping

Many businesses, especially small businesses, are constantly looking for ways to make shipping more efficient and cost-effective. Many believe that shipping expenses are fixed costs that cannot be changed, but that is not the case. There are many different ways to reduce the costs that you should know about to make sure that you are using the resources you need to save money and time when shipping.

Know Your Shipment

You need to be exact when calculating the weight and size of your shipment. Estimating the weight or size of your shipment can cause you to be charged additional fees that will only make the cost of your shipment increase.

Consider Consolidating Your Freight

There are many times that money could be saved if the shipper consolidated a smaller orders into one shipment. Normally, smaller consolidated shipments could be shipped as LTL instead of paying for a full truckload. Consolidating shipments can save the shipper money and time on their shipment.

Choose the Correct Freight Class

Choosing the correct freight class is essential in saving on your shipment. At times, freight classes are negotiable with carriers, making it possible to reduce shipping costs. If you are unsure about what freight class your shipment falls into, check out our LTL Freight Shipping Guide.

Use Proper Packaging

Many carriers have liability policies in the case that your shipment may become damaged. Attaching freight to a pallet or using proper packaging and wrapping can help you avoid damages to your shipments. If you are shipping something made of glass or delicate material, you should make sure that you have enough cushion inside of the package to avoid damage during the shipping process. Make sure to note when you have a fragile shipment by adding labels to your shipment that are visible and easy to read on the outside of the packaging.

Determine the Net Cost

There are many factors that determine the net cost of your shipment, including the weight, height, distance, delivery time, and accessorial service options. Accessorial fees will vary with different carriers, so it is important to quote your shipment with all of the accessorial charges when you are choosing a carrier. Don’t get caught up in reviewing the freight or discounted rates. There are additional fees and charges that will factor into the final cost of your shipment.

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