How to Avoid Making Freight Shipping Mistakes

freight shipping mistakes

Mistakes happen, and they can potentially cost companies thousands of dollars. When it comes to freight shipping, time is money. Even the most experienced shippers make common freight shipping mistakes during their everyday planning.

To avoid these freight shipping mistakes, we laid out 4 major strategies for you and your small business to follow when ready for shipment:

Packaging your freight properly

It’s up to the shipper to package their freight properly if damaged during shipment was due to improper packaging, the option to submit a claim may be eliminated. Taking your time when packaging is worth it when your freight arrives intact and damage-free, a few extra minutes is all you need. If you’re unsure how to package correctly, consider consulting with a GoShip.com professional to ensure your packaging is correct.

Properly estimating the freight class

Understanding your freight class will not only aid your carrier in planning, but it will ensure you save the most money. Estimating the freight class could cause you to pay more than you should or it could also create fees that may surprise you and add up fast. Estimating weight or size is the same. If you don’t give the most accurate specifications of your shipment, carriers will have to adjust the rate. Having the correct weight, size, and freight class will save time and money for all parties involved.

Comparing Carriers

Each carrier has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to find the carrier that can not only provide you with the best rate but also the best service. Some carriers will be more suitable for certain types of freight than others. Therefore, as a shipper, you have access to a large list of carriers to choose from.

Forgetting about the shipment after pickup

As a shipper, you want to make sure your shipment arrives on time. Many times, if it is forgotten, the receiver will be forced to reach out and complain if the shipment is not on time. It is best to have a clear understanding of when your shipment will reach his destination. You should be sure to factor in possible delays due to weather or holidays which may increase the time to deliver.

LTL Shipping with GoShip.com

At GoShip.com, we are here to take the stress out of shipping. Let us use our advanced industry knowledge to get your LTL freight where it needs to go. With plenty of qualified and experienced carriers for you to choose from, you have the option to find the best rate that suits your budget and your freight. Be sure to see how we can help with our easy-to-use online solution by getting a Free Quote today!

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