8 Tips for Appliance Shipping

Whether you are
planning to move-out or ship appliances to customers, transporting household
items can be challenging. The bulky size and complex structure makes shipping
fridges, washing machines and ovens slightly different from furniture and other
home items. If you plan to ship appliances, GoShip.com provides the LTL solution
that will make transportation smooth and easy for you.

When dealing with
customers or personal use, it is important to make sure the items are shipped
in the same condition they were in before transit. Here are some useful tips to
help prepare you before getting a quote:

  • Make sure
    all the appliances are clean before you ship them. It is essential to empty and
    clean up all household machinery and items before moving.
  • Refrigerators
    must be defrosted at least 24 hours ahead of time before you ship them.
  • All items
    that have the water connection, like dishwashers, must be disconnected and
    double-checked before shipping.
  • All shelves,
    stray items, and any removable parts must be removed and packed separately. As
    for ovens, don’t forget to remove all the racks, knobs and grills and assure
    they’re packed separately.
  • Appliances
    with doors should be taped to assure the door doesn’t open while moving.
  • Use the
    proper packing materials to protect sensitive surfaces, such as stainless
    steel. Make sure to provide proper taping, foam and other materials on the
    appliances as well for added protection.
  • Label
    every box and put the label protection for every appliance with a shipping
    destination. Boxes with details and contents should be labeled as well.
  • If you
    have any questions about or during the shipping process, reach out to your
    shipping provider and ask them anything that you need. This will help you avoid
    confusion and identify if the service matches your needs.

At the end of the day,
even shipping such troublesome items like appliances may be a pleasant
experience when you choose the right service. GoShip.com is specialized in shipping
of such items and will move your goods safely. Get your free quote and read
more about our shipping services here.

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